Despite the familiar litanies of a continent in moral and social decay, there is hope – hope borne of faith in Jesus. At Bread for Life we are seeking to make positive and lasting change. We are doing this through our work and on going projects.

I want to invite you to join us as we take the unchanging message of Jesus Christ to a rapidly changing continent, in words and in deeds. Together we can affect significant, positive and lasting change – to the glory of God.

If you are looking to make a difference for the Kingdom Bread For Life Short Term mission trip will provide you with the experience of a lifetime!

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3D-5-Pillars-of-Excellence5 Pillars of Excellence in Leadership
…concerns alone won’t bring a swift end to the world’s intractable conflicts. The odds of any kind of rapid success are minuscule without authentic and altruistic leadership.” (From the forward, by Dr. Daniel Shu)

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Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ