Our Staff

Jochebed Ambe
Jochebed AmbeAdministrative Assistant/Office Manager
As a daughter of a Presbyterian minister, I grew up in a Christian tradition but with no personal relationship with God. My journey to salvation began when I joined a group of friends every evening for Bible studies at my High School hostel. I would listen to my friends share about God’s love and His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. God would speak to me but I kept resisting because I was not ready to abandon my sinful ways. This kept happening until one Sunday morning when I heard a Pastor preach on Holiness. I was so overtaken by God’s convicting power that I fell on my knees and asked Him to forgive me of all my sins. I asked Him to give me power over sin and also invited Jesus into my life. A few months later I was very instrumental in turning this little fellowship into a Bible club in our school. It was a platform to preach Christ to other students and also strengthen those who were turning to Christ. Amidst a lot of persecution from friends, family and school authorities, my friends and I would organize evangelistic meetings to reach out to fellow students.

This desire to reach out with the gospel was what intrigued me about Bread For Life. Back in my university days, my local student/youth based ministry worked in collaboration with Bread For Life to organize evangelistic outreaches. I worked behind the scenes in organizing the choir and in putting up posters. Little did I know that I’d later work with Bread For Life.

I joined Bread For Life in 2009 and have served as Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Outreach Coordinator, and Financial Manager. This has been a wealth of experience for me. I’m amazed at how God has used this to bring hope to many and this has been a big plus to my spiritual journey.

Richard Awara
Richard AwaraTeam Logistics
Tabita Awara
Tabita AwaraTeam Hospitality
Emmanuel Chongwa
Emmanuel ChongwaPrison Pastor
Ernest DiJi
Ernest DiJiUK Representative
Ernest Ehabe
Ernest EhabePresident & Chief Innovation Officer
Ernest is responsible for BFL’s overall operations, which include fund raising, advocacy, and program development. In addition to traveling and speaking across North America, Ernest spends a lot of his time in the West-Central part of Africa, consulting with Christian leaders, speaking at missionary gatherings, implementing strategies, reaching the lost as well as encouraging the saints.
Asanga Fon
Asanga FonDirector of Communications & Development
Charles Goris
Charles GorisRegional Coordinator
Ebenezer Ngala
Ebenezer NgalaDirector Outreach and Equipment
In Nov 2005 as a youth leader in the Cameroon Baptist Convention, we partnered with BFL to plant 2 churches in 2 years in Yaounde – Grace Baptist Church and Berean Baptist Church. Because I had a passion for evangelism and had been trained in church planting and crusade outreach, I was appointed to be the crusade coordinator. This was a challenging task, but I enjoyed the collaborative work with BFL staff. Little did I know that God was preparing me to be a full time staff member years later.

In 2014, 9 years later, I was invited to help with preparations for a medical outreach and I was able to share my memories of helping BFL in 2005 with Brother Ernest Ehabe. God opened my heart to see a space that I could fill to enhance the ministry of BFL. After spending some time praying I did not hesitate and I stopped my private job and returned just like the prodigal son of the Bible to work for God and His kingdom. it occurs to me that it is not as difficult to hear God as it is to accept His will. We hear God speak into our minds, but we keep fighting with the Spirit because we want things to go our own way. I truly believe that everything that happens in life and everyone that we meet is for a purpose. God is directing our paths if we are willing to pay attention to the lessons, trust our positive instincts, and are not afraid to take risks. Don’t wait for a miracle to come knocking at your door.

Since Nov 2014, I have enjoyed being the BFL Director of Outreaches, Crusades and Equipment. I still remember my first outreach to a small village, and the time when I came to understand what BFL calls sharing the “Whole Gospel” – sharing the message of salvation and demonstrating the love of Christ through social action and acts of compassion.
Working with BFL has been a great blessing for me and my family – spiritually, morally, financially and socially. I will live to remember this ministry, especially the leadership of Rev Ernest Ehabe. Good leadership is crucial and Rev Ernest Ehabe is the type of visionary leader that one can follow with confidence. I thank God also for blessing BFL with good board members.

I was born in 1977 in Binka, NW Cameroon and married Ottoline Ngolihan in 2007. We are blessed with 3 children – one boy Shamma, and two girls, Shelter and Shekina. To God be the Glory.

Godlove Nsuli
Godlove NsuliFarm Technician
Hilary Wamey
Hilary WameyRegional Coordination & Church Planting

Resource Persons & Speakers

Dr. Bill Blackburn
Dr. Bill BlackburnHill Country of Texas
Joe Lutz
Joe LutzHill Country of Texas
As the US Executive Directive, Joe directly assists in every way possible to lighten Ernest’s personal load in the USA, and strategically add to the growth of the work of BFL for the glory of God! This assistance includes involvement in the overall operations, support fund raising, advocacy, and program development. Joe will necessarily spend time in the West-Central part of Africa, consulting with Christian leaders, speaking at missionary gatherings, implementing strategies, reaching the lost as well as encouraging the churches.
Beth Russell
Beth RussellKansas City Area
Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ