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Bread for Life and the social side of our ministry, CADAC Cameroon ships a lot of supplies from the United States to Cameroon. These include medical supplies for our medical missions, backpacks and school supplies for our children’s ministries and outreaches, equipment for our agricultural missions and evangelistic crusades to name a few. By selling space in shipping containers, the main product of Beulah Group LLC, we are able to offset our costs quite a bit. Beulah Group also provides services in Cameroon in the areas transportation in Cameroon, land purchases in Cameroon and a host of other professional services, the proceeds of which go to support the ministries of Bread For Life/CADAC.

This service not only provides some income to offset the cost of our ministries, it also gives us a vehicle for our ministry to Africans living in the US.

Beulah Group LLC is a subsidiary of Bread For Life international. It is a Cameroon based consortium of numerous social enterprises in various domains of infrastructure, services, economic improvement and stability.

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