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You can serve with Bread For Life/CADAC in various ways.

As a Short Term Missionary or Intern or a full time Staff. You can serve with a group or as an individual as long or short as you like. You can come and let us plug you in where we feel we can use you or you can come to serve in one of our many ministry areas. Here are a few of the most common:

Short-term & Vision Trips

Bread For Life connects willing hearts with opportunities for missions work. We organize several mission trips every year to assist churches and ministries we are associated with or those we have initiated. Other trips are planned with or for Western based churches and para-church organizations. We work closely with many churches and ministries, connecting resources with needs. Whether you are looking for opportunities for yourself or a group we can use you! The need across Africa is great and so is the demand.

People with various skills and backgrounds have served on Bread For Life’s Short-Term Mission teams, or as individuals, to assisting and supporting the indigenous African church in becoming viable, multiplying, and self-sustainable. Some of these people are builders, health care providers, technologists, educators, students, preachers, businessmen, farmers, and some have no specific skill set but have a heart to serve. These all have played a role in fulfilling the vision of Bread For Life.

Bread For Life sends out several teams to our fields annually. Short-Term Teams usually number between three and thirty participants (except on vision trips), and are formed out of a church, civic organization or family. They typically serve between one week to two weeks with some exceptions.

A Team works together to accomplish a specific goal, such a Medical outreach to specific communities, a Church plant, leading a children’s program or doing construction improvements on a home – all of which depends on the Team’s skills.

Whether sharing the Good News of God’s love with people on the street in a Summer Program, painting a new classroom, helping build or renovate a building, using your medical training in a clinic, serving among un-reached people group, preaching at an affiliate church, or preaching at an evangelistic crusade – you can be sure a Bread For Life Short Term mission trip will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! If you are looking for open doors, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us for more information.

Medical Outreaches

For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. — Ps 9:18

The economic crises in the 80’s and 90’s, the cut in salaries and the devaluation of the Cameroonian currency left many Cameroonians in dire situations. Many could not afford medical treatment; a lot of folks were dying from simple curable diseases. Some turned to sorcerers and witch doctors for help. It was under this stress condition that the vision for Christian Medical Outreaches and Christian Medical Centers was born. In 2004, with the help of Dr. Jackson Downey, Dr. Kathleen Holland, and Mrs. Nancy Hood, BFL’s Christian Medical Outreach was launched.

Christian Medical Centers (CMC) and their outreaches:

• Not only effectively meet the physical (health) need at affordable cost, but also the spiritual needs of its customers through various spiritual and evangelistic program.
• CMC centers not only provide jobs for trained jobless people but also create an opportunity for them to render their faith practical as they minister to patients both medically and spiritually.
• In providing both efficient affordable medical care, and a spiritual clinic in and out of its premises, CMC helps to reduce the degrading health conditions and win many sons and daughters into glory.

We have consulted tens of thousands of Cameroonians who cannot afford a doctor or hospital: providing them with free consultation, free medicine and free counseling. The result has been over conversions numbering in the tens of thousands also and at the same time, several new churches planted. These medical outreaches are a precursor for a bigger vision: a vision to see solid medical centers across the country.

We have several medical outreaches every year. If you have any medical or pharmaceutical skills or training we can use you. Contact us.

Do you feel God tugging your heart or a desire to serve in West-Central Africa and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ? If you are 18 years of age or older, Bread For Life International’s Missionary and Intern Programs offer ministry opportunities that can fulfill your desires and use your skills and experiences!

Strong intern candidates exhibit:

• a commitment to Jesus Christ
• a natural love for serving others
• a team attitude
• a willingness to raise prayer and financial support through family, friends, churches, or civic groups.

We can use interns in any of our ministry areas. Here is a list of a few of our ministries in which you could intern:

• our children’s ministry in Yaounde and our after school program in Buea.
• Interns with background in the area of communication who can help us in the area of social media and other related communication needs.
• Sponsorship Coordinators
• Medical Professionals
• Regional and area Coordinators
• Communications Coordinator
• Agricultural specialists
• Counselors
• Special needs teachers or therapists
• Elementary Teacher
• Children’s Activities
• Outreach Coordinator
• Construction Project Coordinator
• Photo-journalists
• etc…

Please contact us. for more information.

Serve with our Agricultural ministries

To curb mass exodus from villages to an already crowded city, for a number of years, BFL’s agricultural teams have traveled to villages across Cameroon – giving lectures on farming, providing farm tools and seeds and at the same time presenting the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ through words and practical action. The results: Thousands of poor villagers have been assisted and many have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We are looking for interns or volunteers who can serve in Cameroon for a month or a few months at a time or longer. We need folks with background in farming who can join our growing indigenous staff to develop the various aspect of our agricultural and experimental farms in Dimako and Muambong where BFL has acquired 250 acres to develop ministry and sustainable agricultural bases.

Our agricultural ministry base in Dimako. Is one of our self-sustaining projects which we envision will house several ministries while simultaneously creating needed employment and generating income for continuity.

Ray of Hope Community Centers
These are student resource centers located near secondary schools and universities. The aim is to provide good and safe environments where High School and university students are given an opportunity to develop mentally, emotionally, socially and economically. We are looking for:

• Educators
• Counselors
• People to help with job and leadership development
• People to help with libraries
• Fitness and wellness coaches

Ray of Hope Academy
This school provides special education needs, something desperately needed in Cameroon. We are looking for people to serve, short or long-term:

• Therapists with training in ABA therapy and in PECs.
• Special Ed teachers
• Speech therapists
• Occupational Therapists
• Child Psychologists who can help with training and in evaluating each child.

In a bid to better position itself to fully maximize its ministry potentials and better accomplish its vision BFL has continue to expand and build the capacity of its staff. Missionary candidates are expected to exhibit:

• a commitment to Jesus Christ
• a natural love for serving others
• a team attitude
• a willingness to raise prayer and financial support through family, friends, churches, or civic groups
• to show leadership aptitude
• Most missionaries have a college degree and some experience relevant to foreign mission service.

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