Get Involved, Represent Us

Connect Us

Would you like to be involved in our exciting work by helping us connect with other people? Our work has been built mostly around volunteers and ministry advocates – those who share our passion, believe in what the ministry stands for and are willing to involve others.

Anyone with a voice or a pen can serve as a Bread For Life Ministry Representative in their community and among their sphere of influence. Simply identify an issue you are passionate about (transformational Church plants, poverty alleviation, Evangelistic Outreach, Literature, HIV/AIDS, Orphans, Agriculture, Leadership etc) and volunteer in your area. Bread For Life will furnish you with its literature and help to point you to other resources to help your effectiveness.

Invite a Speaker

We have speakers who have experience with Bread For Life and would love to come and share what we do.

Host A Cottage Meeting
Invite friends to your home for dinner or dessert to learn about this ministry (through our ministry video/DVD or with a ministry Rep). This is a great networking opportunity for new folks to hear about the work of BFL and get involved.

Introduce Us To Other Church Leaders & Business Owners
It is our desire to spread our vision to other church bodies and to the Business Community. A word of introduction/endorsement from you goes a long way in opening doors.

Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ