About Us

Bread For Life was founded in 1995 by Ernest Ehabe, who sought to form a ministry that would bridge the frontier between the agonizing questions man asks and the profound answers the Gospel offers.

Beginning with the vision and no staff, Bread For Life has grown today to form a working unit of teams from Cameroon, England, the USA and many support staff, along with the service of numerous volunteers.

Bread For Life International is an indigenous evangelistic, relief and development organization that seeks to address the issues of spiritual and physical hunger across West-Central Africa. We work alongside the indigenous church by helping her become spiritually, socially and economically vibrant – connecting resources with needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

How We Work

We are committed to searching out what God is doing in and around us and joining Him in that work.
We seek to serve as a catalyst to make things happen.
We work with Christian churches as well as Governments, NGOs and Christian ministries
We partner with other indigenous ministries to help make their vision a reality.
>We convene gatherings of Christians to work on particular issues.
We continually search out needs in the communities we serve in and explore ways we can be used of God to meet them.
We provide expertise and experience to the church and the community.
We seek to complement and not to compete or duplicate.

Our Objectives

Evangelism: Clearly presenting the claims of Christ by various means
Discipleship: Working with the indigenous Church to plant churches in the city and among unreached people.
Leadership Development: Formal and informal training and facilitating relationships that build and provides for strategic impact nationally and regionally
Compassion: Going beyond ourselves by facilitating evangelism through community and economic development programs


We are Missional: We take the great commission seriously
We are Relational: We emphasize partnership for maximum impact.
We are Incarnational. We engage our community. We are Indigenous as well as Interdenominational.

Our strategy

Pinpoint needs
Process Specialists
Procure resources

Our efforts are aimed at:

Freeing & empowering indigenous people
Facilitating and strategizing for maximum impact
Funding the efforts as God provides through BFL

Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ