About Our Founder

“I am convinced that God has called us to serve Him by serving the marginalized, poor peripheral human communities that are hungry to know Him by making Jesus known to them.” – Ernest Ehabe

Ernest was born in Tombel, in the South West Province of Cameroon. One of many children of a prominent magician. His very early years were characterized by a sincere search for ultimate peace and truth. He unconditionally surrendered his life to Jesus’ Lordship at the age of thirteen. One of the first in his tribe to do so.

It immediately became evident that evangelism was his forte, and he engaged in it with vigor and power. At the age of fifteen while attending boarding school, he became president of Fellowship of Christian Students (a campus ministry dedicated to reaching high school and college kids). God blessed the fellowship spiritually and numerically under his leadership. He later served as evangelist and church planter before immigrating to North America to attend college.

Ernest attended Arkansas Tech University, Lee University, & Bowie State University where he majored in Sociology, Political Science and International Relations. He did some graduate work towards his MDiv at George Fox University and later an MA in Governance and Development at CERIS (University of Paris 11), Brussels, Belgium. Ernest is currently pursuing a PhD in Integrated Rural Development at the University of Dschang in Cameroon.

Ernest preaching at a crusade about 2001

“I am willing to do whatever it takes to make Africa a better place. I am willing to succeed and I am willing to fail, but I am NOT willing to do nothing” – Ernest Ehabe

Since 1980, Ernest has directly and indirectly been involved in evangelism and church planting efforts across West Africa. He is also involved in efforts to reach Africans in North America: challenging them to change the destiny of their continent on the basis of a Christian worldview.

As president of Bread For Life International, Ernest is responsible for BFL’s overall operations, which include fund-raising, advocacy, and program development. In addition to traveling and speaking across North America, Ernest spends a lot of his time in the West-Central part of Africa, consulting with Christian leaders, speaking at missionary gatherings, implementing strategies, reaching the lost as well as encouraging the saints.

Ernest and his wife (Elizabeth) were married in 2003. Elizabeth served with the Cameroon government as a translator/interpreter and later in project management at the US Embassy in Yaoundé. Elizabeth is now heads Orange Foundation – Cameroon, The Foundation of the French Telecommunication Company, Orange.

The Ehabes now live in Douala where they are raising their three children.

Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ