Kids Club/AWANA

Reaching Kids. Molding young Leaders. Changing our world!

awana2From our inception 20 years ago, we have shared a burden for reaching the young. Most of our early outreaches in Cameroon were at various university campuses as well as in secondary and high schools, where our outreaches focused on abstinence education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and evangelistic crusades. Although we were burdened for younger kids, we did not have the know-how and we did not have the resources and individuals who could take on and run with that kind of ministry. That changed in 2011.

In 2011 while visiting Cameroon, Paul and Mary Hassler noticed the lack of children’s program and launched one at our for kids in our community Guest House. Patrick Gaughan has supported this ministry by providing snacks for children at every meeting and personally participating when he is in the country. Donald Acha, a local Cameroonian, was one of the first to volunteer. He was 16 and in high school. Donald has volunteered faithfully and consistently without any kind of pay. We recently began giving him a small stipend to cover his taxi to school and as a way of encouraging him.

Amazingly, Donald Acha was born in 1995, the year BFL was founded. He was born into a polygamous family (his father had several wives) with several brothers and sister! He surrendered his life to Jesus in 2009 at the age of 14.

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