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Maybe you can’t leave your job to travel on a mission trip to Africa, but you could contribute, so others (my indigenous team and I) could go in your place and our many ministries can be prayed for and funded.


The most vital thing you can do to come alongside us in pray and encouragement. This is not our work but is the work of God that we are doing. We need His power, provision and direction in our work. Please pray. If you would like to partner with us in prayer please sign up to receive our newsletter, via the post office or in your email box from Chimp Mail. This will keep you informed as to the many areas we need prayer.[/one_half]


As many of you who have visited our work in Cameroon or who are familiar with it already know, your dollar is stretched to the max at BFL. A typical ministry doing exactly what we do will require more than 20 times our present funding level. As with all we have endeavored to do for the kingdom, our direction and emphasis are geared towards stability and longevity. Building from the ground up, laying in foundational truths that will stand every wind of doctrine and flourish in a rapidly changing continent.

All gifts are tax deductible.

Giving via Mail

Commission To Every Nation (CTEN)
PO Box 291307
Kerrville, TX 78029

Please write on a separate piece of paper where you would like your donation to go. Designate Bread For Life Int. and any ministry you prefer. See some of our various categories below.

Giving Online

• Give through CTEN Click here

• Give through PayPal, or by Credit or Debit card. (Note, after you choose PayPal and log-in you can choose the area you want your donation to go to in the special instructions area.)

• Give through Zelle

Give to “Bread For Life, Int.”. Use the email address

Suggested Ministry areas:

Where Most Needed
We have many areas of ministry which are not listed out here. Some we are in the process of developing. Your general donations give us the option to put your gifts where they are needed the most.

Donate to Bread For

Indigenous Staff

Our Indigenous staff need a minimum of $600 per month support. Most are not at that level yet. You can support an individuals ministry assignment or give to the general support of the staff. Here is a list of our staff in alphabetical order:

Jochebed Ambe, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
Richard Awara, Team Logistics
Tabita Awara, Team Hospitality
Lee Cawthon, Farm Manager
Emmanuel Chongwa, Prison Pastor
Ernest DiJi, UK Representative
Ernest Ehabe, President/Chief Innovation Officer
Asanga Fon, Director of Communications & Development
Charles Goris, Regional Coordinator
Ebenezer Ngala, Director Outreach and Equipment
Godlove Nsuli, Sustainable Agricultural Projects & Programs
Hilary Wamey, Regional Coordination & Church Planting

Gideon 300, Ministry Partners
In the Old Testament, God used Gideon and 300 men to accomplish a powerful work for the Kingdom. In like manner, Bread for Life-CADAC is looking for 300 people who are committed to partnering with us to accomplish the vision God has entrusted to us through this ministry. As a Gideon 300 Partner you commit to a financial support amount to be sent on an ongoing basis, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly. These help cover the ongoing monthly operational cost of BFL.

For more than a decade, the ministry of BFL has mostly been supported through “special gifts” and “speaking honorariums.”  A good support base would allow our indigenous team to focus all our energy on ministry and relationships, to expand the depth of existing ministries and to start new ministry projects and areas.

Church Planting/Discipleship
Church Planting and discipleship holds various costs, including the cost of evangelistic crusades, equipment, advertising, and most of all buildings.

In the last two decade of our involvement in church-planting, it has become evident that we need to also focus on structures or “church buildings.” Yes, this is costly. Some will argue why such investment. Why invest in a building? Below are a few reasons from a “third world” and cultural perspective:

• Basic protection from the elements
• An “established” presence in the community
• A central sending-out point for evangelism
• Host community events
• Impacts ministry potential
• Enhanced witness to unbelievers
• Cultural relevance and credibility

A typical church building in a village will cost between $15,000 and $20,000. For a little more investment the same can be done in the city where the cost and standard of living is higher.

Our focus in the coming years will be in assisting a number of BFL related church plants in having an “established” presence in their communities.

Rightly Dividing the Word Conferences

RDW Conferences are unique as they focus on expository teaching and preaching. Our hope is that leaders who go through this training will acquire skills to use in interpreting scriptures to their congregations in familiar language, using colloquial metaphors, African thought-form and nuances and practical applications that fit their context.The fact is, sound scriptural teaching will produce sound communities.

We are always looking for folks or businesses to help us underwrite the costs which usually cover logistics, meals and materials.

Water For Life Project

Clean water is vital for security and development. In Cameroon, cost of $6,000 to $16,000 are currently being charged for the drilling of a single well.

Bread for life has embarked upon a mission to purchase well drilling equipment. In addition to drilling wells for irrigation on our farms and ministry bases, wells will also be drilled in communities and for individuals across our region for a fraction of the current cost.

This opportunity to bless many in a lasting and tangible way will also create ministry opportunities, produce income for Bread For Life, provide funds for the maintenance of the equipment, and offers some valuable vocational training. The well digging equipment suitable for our area is $100,000 per unit.

Medical Outreaches
Medical Outreaches at Bread for Life in Cameroon, Africa

Christian Medical Center (CMC) and the related Medical Outreaches provides

• jobs for trained jobless people
• creates an opportunity for them to render their faith practical as they minister to patients both medically and spiritually
• provides both efficient affordable medical care, and a spiritual clinic in and out of its premises
• Medical Outreaches provide free clinics and prescriptions
• Are followed by evangelist crusades which are well received because their physical needs have been addressed
• Thousands are brought to Christ
• Churches are planted from these outreaches.

Costs include transpiration, medicines and equipment.

Bread for Life, Small Business Enterprises
Samaritan’s Enterprise – Micro-Enterprise Assistance Program (SEMAP) was designed to provide individuals and groups with an opportunity to receive assistance and acquire the skills necessary to operate, manage and grow their own small scale business. Micro loans to believers have resulted in several successful Christian enterprises. Repayments of loans are used to help other businesses get started. Loan projects strengthen the church by making its members more able to support themselves and others.
Children's Ministries
It is said that a persons world view is set by age 5-7. Young people present an incredible mission field! We have many ministries targeting children specifically. Our costs are primarily materials in these areas. You can help support them in general or give to specific ministries:

Kids Club/Awana
Bags to School
HIV/AIDS Awareness
After School Programs
Sports For Development

Adopt An Acre
If you want to make an investment that will have multiplying effect, this may be it. It cost about $200 to develop each acre of our forest farmland. $200 will cover land preparation to planting and harvesting (felling of trees, clearing, raking and stomping). We are now focusing on crops that can be harvested between 3 to 12 months. We will progressively move to cash crop that takes 2 to five years to produce and then to animal husbandry and fishery to provided needed protein in the communities we serve.
Ray Of Hope Centers

These are community centers targeting high school and college age young people. They include youth directed counseling, job and economic development training, library and resources department, leadership development and fitness and wellness development.

Ray Of Hope Schools
These schools are Pre-K through 12 grade, fully inclusive. These schools provide affordable, personalize education for children from every walk of life and serve as a model and reference center for special needs children. The emphasis will not be on head knowledge alone, but, where children can also be touched with heart knowledge and equipped with hands knowledge. The end resulting in cultivating the minds of tomorrow – today!
Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ