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Africa is the only continent in the world that’s gone backwards in the last 30 years. I find it morally disgusting that thousands of people die every year from killer diseases we can do something about. But this is the continent where if we don’t take action, we’re going to store up a lot of problems for ourselves in the future.
— Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister, Time Magazine, July 11, 2005

The problem

A village helps to build their new community center and school

Poverty creates poverty. It creates environmental degradation, which constitutes loss of natural wealth. Loss of natural wealth means increased poverty. Without jobs and without productive land, poor people are forced onto marginal lands in search of subsistence. They end up in slums and ghettos. Those who stay on the land are forced to graze livestock herds where vegetation is sparse or soils and shrubs are easily damaged. This really means grazing in hillsides, in tropical forests, or in other ecologically sensitive areas.

Training farmers on land conservation and crop care

The toll on natural resources takes many forms, including soil erosion, loss of soil fertility, desertification, deforestation, depletion of animals and fish stocks from over-hunting and over-fishing, loss of natural habitats and species, depletion of groundwater resources, and pollution of rivers and lakes.

The result is to reduce the carrying capacity and productivity of the land and its biological resources. This degradation further exacerbates poverty and threatens not only the economic prospects of future generations, but also livelihoods, health, and well-being of current populations.

Democracy incubators train the people to take ownership of their country and it’s course.

The African crises is made worse by unfavorable external as well as internal circumstances. Some go back to the colonial era, which left Africa with artificial boundaries. This brought about a lack of political cohesion and severe ethnic and tribal clashes and wars.

Internally, Africa has continues to suffer from a shortage of altruistic and effective leaders. Poor leadership has cost the continent immensely over the past few decades, creating major problems in the political, economic, and social spheres

The common question is: What should be done? Is there hope?

A Ministry Answer

Free medical clinics provide much needed medical care as well as proper hygiene and health training.

Community Awareness and Development Association-Cameroon (CADAC) was created as a ministry of Bread For Life International with the goal of tackling many of the socio-economic problems in the communities we minister in – to foster sustainable holistic development through a framework of cooperation and collaboration among churches, ministries, NGOs, Government, Professionals and business for the implementation of program and services focused on:

  • Community development
  • Economic Development
  • Agriculture
  • Health Care &
  • Education & Training

Ripples: Women empowerment training


Improve the quality of life of children, youth and families toward building a healthy, prosperous and productive Cameroon and beyond.

Core Values

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Restoration
  • Empowerment
  • Partnerships

Strategic Objectives

Literature training and resources

CADAC’s strategic objectives are designed to provide faith-based solutions that result in individual and community enhancement:

• Enhance holistic health and quality of life of children, youth, and families
• Provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities with emphasis on empowerment through micro-finances.
• Mobilize and leverage resources from internal and external sources including individuals, private foundations, and development donors
• Build and strengthen the leadership capacities for sustainable development.
• Build youth knowledge and skills training information technology.
Empowerment people in communities we serve with skills for self-sufficiency.

HIV/AIDS awareness training


  • Pinpoint needs
  • Process specialists
  • Procure resources


  • Agricultural outreaches
  • AIDS/HIV Education
  • Medical Outreaches
  • Small business development and interest-free loans
  • Community education & empowerment
  • Economic and community development

Backpacks to school



  • Hope Community school in Mbang to provide education to Baka Pygmy Children
  • Clinic in Molobo among Baka Pygmies
  • Bamenda Guest House and Library
  • Tombel Youth & Ministry Center


  • Future Hospital and community recreational center in Mbang
  • Future Youth Camp in Mfou
  • Village Bridges
  • Water projects in designated villages
Bridging the gap • Changing mindsets • Transforming our culture…to the standard of Christ