For the needy shall not alway be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. — Ps 9:18, — Luke 4:18


During the last decade, Cameroon, like many other African states has and is still undergoing several crises: Political, social, economic, and spiritual. The purchasing power of its currency has dropped so low that a vast majority of the people cannot afford minimal medical care. Morbidity and mortality rates, joblessness, juvenile delinquency, corruption and other social ills have become common. Consequently,

  • Many Cameroonians and families are unable to afford medical treatments because it is expensive, thus many are dying from simple curable diseases. Others turn to sorcerers and witch doctors.
  • Many fake incompetent medical services have developed providing misleading diagnosis and treatment, thus draining people of finances without effective services.
  • Corruption, embezzlement and bribery is the order of the day even in medical centers. The very poor thus face tough times getting good medical services in a clean way.
  • Many Cameroonians and especially believers who have undergone health care training do not have jobs either because they cannot bribe to have one, or mainly because there are no recruitment opportunities.

The vision of the CMC was borne under these stress conditions both from personal inner convictions (Dr. Shu and Rev Ernest Ehabe), and several confirming messages from God’s people. Our desire for CMC is that it will not only effectively meet the physical (health) need at affordable cost, but also the spiritual needs of its customers through various spiritual and evangelistic program.

Christian Medical Center (CMC) will not only provide jobs for trained jobless people but will create an opportunity for them to render their faith practical as they minister to patients both medically and spiritually. Also, in providing both efficient affordable medical care, and a spiritual clinic in and out of its premises, CMC will help to reduce the degrading health conditions and win many sons and daughters into glory.

Medical Outreaches at Bread for Life in Cameroon, Africa from Ernest Ehabe on Vimeo.

Christian Medical Outreach

Convinced that “evil will triumph if good men do nothing,” we have been moved to initiate several self-sustaining projects, which will create employment opportunities for the jobless and simultaneously serve as a catalyst for positive and lasting change

Christian Medical Outreach is a precursor of Bread for Life’s Christian Medical Centers in our region. Christian Medical outreach was officially initiated as a project of Bread For Life in 2004 with the help of two medical doctors (Dr. Kathleen Holland & Dr. Jackson Downey) and a pharmacist (Nancy Hood).

Christian Medical Outreach:

Bringing the light of health
To the darkness of disease
Bringing the peace of caring
To the turmoil of distress
Bringing the joy of life
In the face of death
Bringing the light of hope
Into the darkest times of people’s lives
Bringing the love of Christ
Through words and practical deeds