prisonPrison Ministry

BFL continued its outreach to prisoners at the Kondengui Principal Prison (KPP), Yaounde and several other prisons in other regions of Cameroon. Emmanuel Chongwan and his team of volunteers are impacting prisons across the country. Many are coming to Christ and being disciplined.

The Prison Ministry team led by Pastor Emmanuel CHONGWAN carries out regularly activities every month with inmates at KPP. These activities include Bible study, Sunday worship service and catering for the physical welfare of the inmates.

The Prison Ministry also visits and organizes outreach and philanthropic assistance programmes in other major prisons in Cameroon: Douala Central Prison, Ebolowa Central Prison, Kribi Prison, Akonolinga Prison, Mbalmayo Prison, and Mfou Prison. Through the Prison Ministry, BFL is able to reach several thousand inmates, with thousands making commitments to follow Christ.


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