The ministry of Bread For Life is based on relationship and a vision of empowering those we are relating to and there spheres of influence.  Our work is done through invitations from those we are in relationship with. Others are done where we see the need and in partnership with those we seek to serve. We see our selves as a catalyst to make thinks happen. Our threefold strategy is to:

  1. Pinpoint needs
  2. Process specialists
  3. Procure resources

We seek to complement and not to compete with those we serve. As a result we work in close consultation with other indigenous leaders who are willing to participate in the planning, implementation and continuing the work we initiate. Presently, Bread For Life receives far more requests for partnership in initiating new outreaches than it is able to handle. God continues to bless Bread For Life International with many strategic friends and partners across West-Central Africa and around the world.