With the proliferation of NGOs, churches and ministries, we certainly expect this question.

First, BFL was started in response to the call of God and in obedience to that call of building an indigenous ministry that would partner with our Western brothers and sisters in helping other indigenous ministries and churches in their quest to become spiritually, economically and socially vibrant, as well as self propagating and self-sustaining.

Secondly, our ability and willingness to combine evangelism with social action is our distinctiveness. We do not believe there should be a dichotomy between the two. We believe the gospel is wholistic and all encompassing: reaching the whole person.

Thirdly, BFL is indigenous – Africans reaching Africans in partnership with God’s people from around the world. As an indigenous ministry we play a unique role in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ for the following distinct reasons:

Identification: We can easily identify with the locals or other indigenous people. We know their culture and language.

Contextualization: Because we understand the languages, cultures and concepts of the people we serve and their background believes, we are able to develop appropriate and effective strategies to preach the whole Gospel clearly. Hence, we are able to address their needs.

Access and receptivity: Given that we know their languages and cultures and live with them, we are easily accessible to the local people and they are more receptive to the gospel presentations, both from our lifestyles as well as from our words and actions.

Continuity: As indigenes, we do not need Visas or furloughs. We belong here, although we may face persecutions every so often, no one can deport us. We are there to stay. Hence there is continuity.

Economics: As indigenes, we can live on the bare minimum. A small fraction of what it would take to maintain a Western missionary in a foreign country. Depending on where we serve, we can live on as small as $100 a month.

Maximum Impact: In view of the above reasons, we can surmise: maximum impact.