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1) What is Bread For Life?

Explaining Bread For Life is about akin to nailing Jell-o on a wall – not because we are so vast and large but because we are diverse. To be honest, we didn’t have a master plan when we started fifteen years ago. We didn’t need it. We knew exactly what we were to do then, and step-by-step, we felt the strong hand of God directing, opening doors, and providing the resources to do what He has called us to do. If you look carefully at our logo you’ll probably see inscribed on it this words: Changing Hearts – Changing Lives.

First and foremost touching and changing people with the Good News has always been our anchor and driving motive. We are continuing to do this by various means: books, tracts, evangelistic crusades, partnering with indigenous churches to plant churches, vision and Business conferences, informal training, marriage seminars etc.

Our second prong of outreach is Economic and Community Development. This involves seminars, conferences, agricultural outreaches and providing training and interest free loans for micro enterprise ventures and developing self-sustaining ministries.

The third part of Bread For Life is addressing social issues. This involves support for underprivileged students, medical missions, reaching unreached tribal groups and simultaneously helping to elevate their standard of living, HIV/AIDS and children orphaned by AIDS, as well as addressing issues dealing with social injustice and inequities.

Though we don’t have a “five-year plan”, we are committed to the leadership of the Holy Spirit who would guide us when we come to the fork in the road. We are confident of what Jesus said: “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” —John 8:12

2) What is Bread For Life’s Statement of Faith?

Our full statement of faith is the Lausane Covenent. You can read it by clicking here.

Our Core Values are directly guided by and reflect our beliefs. You can read about them by clicking here.

3) Is Bread For Life affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

Although each of our team members belongs to a local church or denomination, Bread For Life is not directly affiliated with any specific church or denominations. We are inter-denominational. We recognize that we have brothers and sisters in Christ in every denomination and Christian subculture. Hence, we seek to welcome and work with Christians everywhere. We have strategic partners from many churches, ministries and denominations. We welcome partnership from any church that has a vision and burden for empowering indigenous people.

4) How is Bread For Life funded?

Bread For Life is a registered 501c3 organization that is funded by the contributions of individuals, churches, and corporate donors. We are seeking to build a monthly operational support base through our ‘Gideon 300’ friends. Those who take the challenge of giving a certain amount monthly.

5) How does Bread For Life decide where to plant a new church, conduct conferences, or pioneer a new ministry?

The ministry of Bread For Life is based on relationship and a vision of empowering those we are relating to and there spheres of influence.  Our work is done through invitations from those we are in relationship with. Others are done where we see the need and in partnership with those we seek to serve. We see our selves as a catalyst to make thinks happen. Our threefold strategy is to:

  1. Pinpoint needs
  2. Process specialists
  3. Procure resources

We seek to complement and not to compete with those we serve. As a result we work in close consultation with other indigenous leaders who are willing to participate in the planning, implementation and continuing the work we initiate. Presently, Bread For Life receives far more requests for partnership in initiating new outreaches than it is able to handle. God continues to bless Bread For Life International with many strategic friends and partners across West-Central Africa and around the world.

6) Why Bread For Life?

With the proliferation of NGOs, churches and ministries, we certainly expect this question.

First, BFL was started in response to the call of God and in obedience to that call of building an indigenous ministry that would partner with our Western brothers and sisters in helping other indigenous ministries and churches in their quest to become spiritually, economically and socially vibrant, as well as self propagating and self-sustaining.

Secondly, our ability and willingness to combine evangelism with social action is our distinctiveness. We do not believe there should be a dichotomy between the two. We believe the gospel is wholistic and all encompassing: reaching the whole person.

Thirdly, BFL is indigenous – Africans reaching Africans in partnership with God’s people from around the world. As an indigenous ministry we play a unique role in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ for the following distinct reasons:

Identification: We can easily identify with the locals or other indigenous people. We know their culture and language.

Contextualization: Because we understand the languages, cultures and concepts of the people we serve and their background believes, we are able to develop appropriate and effective strategies to preach the whole Gospel clearly. Hence, we are able to address their needs.

Access and receptivity: Given that we know their languages and cultures and live with them, we are easily accessible to the local people and they are more receptive to the gospel presentations, both from our lifestyles as well as from our words and actions.

Continuity: As indigenes, we do not need Visas or furloughs. We belong here, although we may face persecutions every so often, no one can deport us. We are there to stay. Hence there is continuity.

Economics: As indigenes, we can live on the bare minimum. A small fraction of what it would take to maintain a Western missionary in a foreign country. Depending on where we serve, we can live on as small as $100 a month.

Maximum Impact: In view of the above reasons, we can surmise: maximum impact.

7) How do I support Bread for Life Ministries financially?

Bread For Life International and its team depend on the faithful giving of friends, family and churches to provide for the financial needs of the entire ministry. Gifts are appreciated and may be given through

Commission To Every Nation at:

PO Box 291307
Kerrville, TX 78029


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